CCCT with Pat Hunnewell, VP from Blue World Construction, Inc

CCCT with Pat Hunnewell, VP from Blue World Construction, Inc Video     CCCT sat down with Pat Hunnewell, VP from Blue World Construction, Inc. Formed in 2012 in response to a need for highly skilled construction expertise on complex environmental sites, Blue World has worked major remediation sites, expanded industrial processing plants, and installed […]

Constructing Dreams: From Vision to Structure

Introduction:  The construction industry is a vibrant sector where aspirations are transformed into tangible realities, where visions materialize into physical structures that shape our world. Every remarkable building or infrastructure project is the result of a complex process involving planning, design, and execution. Key stakeholders in this process include architects, engineers, contractors, and an essential […]

Today’s Real Estate and Construction Jobs Numbers: RSM Expert

Construction added 25,000 jobs in January, putting employment growth for the industry at 3.8%. RSM US Construction and Real Estate Senior Analyst Nick Grandy is discussing today’s data and what’s ahead for the industry: On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, the construction unemployment rate jumped to 6.9% in January. This is not unusual for the month […]

Structure Collapse: Signs, Causes, and Actions

More structures collapse every year than we ever get to know about because only major incidents are reported widely on the news. If you are currently living or working inside or close to a building that might be at risk, getting to know the danger signs early on is highly recommended. Anyone who has been […]

The Importance of Retaining Walls and Bulkheads in Civil Engineering

Retaining walls and bulkheads play an essential role in civil engineering. They are used to support soil, keep it from eroding, and prevent water from flowing into areas where it can cause damage. Retaining walls and bulkheads can be made from various materials, including concrete, stone, and wood. In some cases, they are even made […]