A Checklist for Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home is a remarkable moment, marked by the excitement of new beginnings and creating fresh memories. It’s a time to turn a new page and create new chapters in your life. However, with every new beginning comes many responsibilities and tasks you must handle to ensure a successful transition. The process […]

How To Add Antiques In Your Hotel Interior

One of the most significant advantages that smaller or boutique hotels have when compared to the typical franchised hotel firms is that they enjoy far greater freedom when it comes to interior design and room decoration. This allows the small hotel owners to infuse the rooms they offer with remarkable designs and refurbishments based on […]

Carpet Installation 101: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the most beautiful and of course practical decorations that you can add to your house is a nice carpet. While they do feel and look nice, carpet installation can be quite the undertaking and isn’t necessarily the most intuitive process in the world. There is a decent bit of work and thought that […]

Designer Jhane Barnes Combines Math, Art in New Tarkett Collection

Continuing a decades-long partnership, Tarkett has launched a new collection with designer Jhane Barnes. The Connectivity collection features three designs—Celestial, Celtic Knots and PM Square—all ideal for education environments, including K–12 and higher education settings. “It’s always exciting working with Jhane because of her unexpected approach to design. Her work on the Connectivity collection resulted […]

Property Management: Everything (Not) Covered Under Property Maintenance and Repairs

Once you’ve found your dream home, the work doesn’t end – especially if you are getting an apartment on rent. In order to deter unforeseen home maintenance costs, an implied warranty for property maintenance and repairs can be great for new renters. A recent report stated an increase of 9.3% in the annual maintenance cost […]

Understanding the Typical Stages of Building a House

Building a home is one of the most exciting things you can do in life.   The thought of creating a residence that fits your lifestyle, is uniquely yours and can accommodate your future family growth plans, is a rather special proposition.  But it is not something that will happen overnight.  From the moment you decide […]