Next Generation Berner Air Curtain Fuses

Berner International, New Castle, Pa., the leading manufacturer and innovator of air curtains, introduced the Architectural Icon 8 and Icon 10 to its Architectural Collection of air curtains. The two models make this collection the HVAC industry’s quietest high performance air curtains for protecting open doorways in hotels, retail, restaurants, healthcare and other market applications where thermal […]

What Industries Commonly Utilize Air Bearings? – An In-Depth Analysis

Imagine a world where friction is almost non-existent and machinery glides seamlessly, like a hovercraft across a still lake. Welcome to the domain of air bearings! This article explores the industries where air bearings are not just a luxury but a necessity.  Air bearings, or fluid film bearings, are non-contacting bearings that use a thin […]

The Importance of Reliable Air Compressors in the Commercial Construction Industry

Introduction Air compressors, often considered the ‘backbone’ of the construction industry, are indispensable tools that power a wide range of machinery and equipment. Their versatility, efficiency, and reliability make them a critical component in various construction processes. This article delves into the importance of using reliable air compressors in the commercial construction industry, highlighting their […]

What is Radiant Heating and Can It Replace Traditional Heating

Key Summary Radiant heating, working like the sun’s warmth, uses floors, walls, or ceilings to evenly distribute heat, providing comfort and energy efficiency. Radiant heating systems come in electric or hydronic forms, with the latter being a suitable primary heat source for an entire home. The benefits of radiant heating include increased efficiency, enhanced comfort, […]

CCCT with Dave Fenton, Managing Director from ECM Technologies

  CCCT with Dave Fenton from ECM Technologies Video   CCCT sat down with Dave Fenton from. ECM Technologies (ECMT) that is a team of highly-accomplished experts in the operation of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Their specific focus is on improving mechanical & electrical efficiencies utilizing the latest, cutting-edge scientific and engineering advancements. The […]